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Pidgin: Link warning

Pidgin should check links sent by others to warn users of phoney or misleading links.

If something reads like it's a URL, it Pidgin should check if the target matches it.

Pidgin should check for phony links

Pidgin should check for phony links

Users should be warned because it is easy to trick users into thinking that a link goes to somewhere they want to go, but then takes them to another place of their choosing.

For example, this link looks like something I might send in an instant message, but notice that the link does not go where you think:

This kind of deception is a problem because the actual target of the link can go anywhere the sender wants, including places that could attempt to install malware, trick users into giving passwords, or just contain a lot of unwanted advertisements.

Show your support, and help spur the development of this Pidgin feature on Ubuntu Brainstorm:

Or add your thoughts on the Pidgin Ticket

Until this feature is implemented, you can check links yourself by hovering over them.

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